But where do you start?  What are the first steps?



First, you need to decide what you want your business to look like. Don’t stress too much about this as it can evolve and change as you go along but it’s always good to sit and think about where you want to go so you can work towards that.

Are you going to register as a business?  Start collecting tax right away?  Make sure you look into your provincial tax laws.  In Ontario, after $30, 000 you need to collect and remit HST.  But you need to CLAIM every $ made.


Now, what kind of parties do you want to do? I did a little bit of everything. Signs, pillows, tote bags, interchangeable kits, porch signs, etc…
Some people like to do 1 type of party. I loved to do ALL the things! Decide what you’re comfortable with or something that you will love to do and won’t feel like work, and go with that! Honestly, I found parties with people I didn’t know to be SO much easier but you may love doing parties for friends and family. I loved HUGE public parties at restaurants. You might like small home parties. Pick what you love and do that! This is meant to be fun!
Have you made these products yourself before? If not, get making! You want to be confident in what you’re doing in case issues come up, you’ll know how to fix them. I skipped this part. I was an OK sign maker when I started but I definitely wasn’t a “pro”. I learned as I went and we all survived.


You’ll want to start with a small trial party. Grab a few friends, pick 3 or 4 designs they can choose from and go for it. Have them write down comments throughout the party that you can improve on, places they were confused or needed a bit more clarification. My biggest tip for your party is to keep everyone at the same stage. Everyone stains together, everyone applies the stencil together and then everyone paints together, etc…

Make sure you take LOTS of photos during your trial party! Have everyone dress nice. Make the space look nice. Etc. You’ll be able to use these photos for a long time for a multitude of social media posts so take ALL THE PHOTOS. Close up of hands painting, group photos, setting up photos, photos of the mess after. Anything and everything!


Figure out what sizes you want to offer, how many designs, and the prices for each of those products. We will go more in depth about pricing later on.

Now when you are comfortable, you have your photos, you have your pricing, you have your suggestions from your friends and you’ve worked out the kinks – GET BOOKING!

Post those photos on social media and let the world know you’re ready to book painting parties!

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