There is something so intensely satisfying…

about creating something with your own two hands.

The working out what to make, sourcing materials (and then making two more trips to the store because you forgot glue TWICE), and spending half an hour watching tutorial videos only to have your creation end up in the running for “World’s Biggest Pinterest Fail”?

Not so satisfying.

Busy Canadian mom Brittany wanted to give other creative souls like her more time to actually enjoy the artistic process AND be rewarded with a beautiful end result.

She created Canadian Craft Crate so you could spend more time crafting and less time preparing to craft.

Brittany hand selects and test each project to make sure every craft is fun, easy-to-follow, and produces something beautiful!

The perfectly prepared supplies and foolproof video tutorial means you can try something new without the “will this actually turn out?!” anxiety.

Find a fun, relaxing outlet for your creative side, the Canadian way!

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